Q-SPACE1 - Remote service tool

In a very dynamic world, it becomes a challenge to remove the restrictions related to distance and time, on interventions between the user and service team.

DANIELI FRÖHLING‘s resolution to defy this challenge is Q-Space; an overarching system that allows the site teams to do the job faster and better, supporting the customer to increase the line availability with a guided and efficient maintenance.

In process industries that operate 24/7, shutdowns must be treated like pit stops; utilizing time efficiently by having the maximum amount of preparation done beforehand and thus, expecting minimum of surprises during the shutdowns as result. Nevertheless, major maintenance shutdowns can be stressful for both maintenance and operations personnel. But with Q-Space system, everything can also be very rewarding. With a simple phone call to DANIELI FRÖHLING, a combined expert team will be available to support the customer in faults finding and troubleshooting.

The system offers remote interaction with bidirectional audio and video communication between site team and DANIELI FRÖHLING expert team. With this technology, the remote team can get direct and immediate access to operating environment, can swiftly get acquainted with it and then, can assist the site team with instructions, documentation via screen shearing and information required. The site intervention is observed and guided closely, allowing a safe operation. Via secured VPN connection, DANIELI FRÖHLING automation experts can have access to plant automation devices and can read the actual plant parameters via fast data analyzer software. By monitoring and controlling the PLC process, they can interpret the data and can offer remedial solutions timely. Through a guided procedure for an efficient maintenance, with no idle production time – thanks to the fast reaction times made available by its software supervision and quick fault finding – Q-Space1 is the answer for everyday problems.